What Do You Choose To Be True?

What Do You Choose To Be True?

During one of my regular conversations with the Universe the topic found its way to belief systems. Particular mine, and  a quick check as to whether I was thinking, choosing, and behaving as thou I really believed them to be true. That may sound like a simple enough question and while it is, it is a most valuable one.

For me a belief system is simply a rule or truth that I have choose to define my day to day experience. It is the foundation for all my thoughts, decisions, and behaviours.

When it comes right down to it we are the ones who choose our truths. At times we may feel they have been forced upon us by our parents, our society, our financial structures, our pasts or our projected futures but in the end we choose.

Some of us wait until we have all the “facts” hoping they will make our decision for us. I’ve found that if we are waiting for all the pieces to slip into place we’ll be waiting a long time. As a matter of fact those beliefs, or truths, that are the launching pad for an expanding and evolving future usually fly directly in the face of the “facts”.

The beliefs that you have chosen need to be nurtured and fed, and most importantly defended. They are your stronghold for your future and there will be times when you will have to fight for their very survival. You see, there will always be those who have their own set of beliefs, who differ from yours, and are compelled to unleash the dogs of war upon yours until your succumb to the truth. But it’s their truth not yours. These attackers will present themselves to you through circumstances and events in your external world, but understand this very important truth. They will fight the battle in your external world but you will win the war completely within your thoughts and heart.

Resist the urge to exhaust your resources in convincing them that what you have chosen to be true is, because it is a losing battle. Peoples and nations have been fighting that battle for centuries with profuse bloodshed and carnage without a glimpse or resolution.

It doesn’t matter what they think, it only matters what you choose.

Your truth is your truth. Nurture it as those it was the most precious gem in your world because it is. Guard and defend it as thou your life depends upon because it does.

I may think your truths are wrong, nonsensical,  ridiculous, or even foolhardy and will surely lead to destruction.

But it doesn’t matter what I think.

It only matters what you choose.

So I asked myself, “Do I really believe my chosen truths?” I thought about it awhile, remembering the “crazy” decisions I had made in the past and the ones I am contemplating for the future. I re-assured myself that I must be living my life upon my truths because no one in their “right” mind would be doing what I am doing and seriously thinking I will continue to do even more in the future

This also puts me in some pretty good company. Good ol’ Christopher Columbus was crazy because was sailing helter skelter over the edge of the world, the Wright brothers had the wild idea that man could fly,  lunatic Steve Jobs thought he could squeeze thousands of songs into a device that would fit in your shirt pocket. And Russ Littau, a farm kid from Central Alberta, figures he can change the world……….

Want to add your name to the list?

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