Personal Services

Hello, thanks for stopping by! I’ve listed the rather diverse list of personal services I’m currently offering, both in person and virtually.

You are a wonderfully unique and diverse individual and because of that the service(s) I offer are just as dynamic.

My methodology follows a three part process



Information is the seeds of tremendous applied value. For the past 15 I’ve been a passionate, obsessed student of life. Figuring how life really works, what are the mechanics behind the thing façade of what we call our physical reality. That is the credential I value the most. I do not have a wall covered with certificates but a lifetime of learning through real world teachings and understanding, which brings me to the next step.


Information contains the seeds of greatness, however unless it can be wrapped into understanding it never provide real change in anyone’s life experience. This is where my years spent in a real world classroom provides immense value. I bring over 15 years of working and guiding beautiful people from every walk of life into a greater expression of themselves.


Information and understanding are wonderful but we don’t learn through either of those until, and as, we apply it in our own unique real world experience. This is all my years in the spiritual trenches provides the greatest value.



  • Reiki Treatments ( 1 1/2 hr) In-Person
  • Reiki + Coaching  (2 hr) In-Person
  • Reiki Refresher Training (2 – 6 hrs) In-Person & Virtual
  • Energy Boost Distance ( 20 minutes) Virtual



  • Guided Meditation  for Groups In-Person & Virtual


  • On the spot “walk in” sessions in the Zoom Room -Virtual
  • 20 Minutes for 20 Dollars (Segments of 20 minutes) Virtual
  • One on One Tune Ups ( 1 hr) In-Person & Virtual
  • Diamond Level Transformation Programs (Compilations of select services based on your individual needs/desires.) In-Person & Virtual


CONVERGENCE METHOD (based on Convergence Theory)

  • One on One Coaching Sessions (variety of time frames) In-Person & Virtual
  • One on One Convergence Journey (1 hr) In-Person & Virtual
  • Guided Group Journeys In-Person & Virtual

In person, or online, I’d love to connect with you to share wisdom I’ve learned over the past years.


Twitter: @energyintimacy

Facebook: Russ Littau

Text: 587-200-1815