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Reiki Training

Reiki for Beginners Home Study Course

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International Reiki Master and Teacher Russ Littau has taken the best of the best of 12 years of International teaching and shared them through this personalized, multi-media, home study course.

Over 2 hours of video modules 
110 page full color manual

This course is perfect for you if:

  • I’d like to learn more about Reiki primarily for myself

  • I’m not interested in a certificate course at this time

  • I’d love to take the full weekend workshop however my finances won’t allow me

  • I want to take my first step into this amazing healing art and then may decide to take it further

Here’s what you’ll learn.

  • History of Reiki & it’s founder

  • General theory of energy healing

  • Theory of Reiki as a healing modality

  • Foundations of visualization

  • The power of imagination

  • Overview of our energy centers called Chakras and how they relate to our overall well being.

  • Practical applications of visualization in treating others and your own personal development

  • Releasing your Baggage” – workshops on releasing emotional memories gently, quickly, and profoundly

  • Treating your first client – yourself through personal Reiki self treatments

Scroll through the product images for a sample video from the over 2 hours of personal instruction you receive.